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Performance Techniques


This class will bring your songs to life, make performing fun (and not scary!), and connect you with fellow singers!

Singing is so much more than a beautiful voice, and voices respond to so much more than vocal technique! When we make music, our whole minds and bodies are involved in the process. In addition to singing the notes, we have to express the music and tell a story with our voices/bodies/faces. There is also the mental game of focus, and how to use our thoughts productively during a performance. It's amazing how much a voice can open up simply by shifting focus and getting into the body!

Come jump in and see what new wells of creativity and vocal freedom we can find! This is a supportive, fun environment where everyone is encouraged to experiment, try new things, and dive deep. Both traditional and out-of-the-box theater and music techniques are used.

This is a no vocal technique zone! Students of other voice teachers can join in knowing that I will never mess with what you're working on with your teacher. This is time to play with performance techniques and not worry about what your voice is doing!

Everyone is welcome!

Performance Techniques is open to singers of any style, ages 12 and up. You don't need to be taking voice lessons with Phoebe to participate. You just need to come ready to sing and play!



A group class with Phoebe and a live collaborative pianist to guide you through musical exploration


Classes are scheduled based on availability and interest. If you are interested, please contact Phoebe here.


$50 per student


Bring a buddy! When you bring a friend to their first class, both you and your friend will receive a 20% discount! Get in for $40 every time you bring someone new.


Drop ins are welcome, but I recommend registering to make sure you get the chance to sing!


Because I want to give everyone individual attention, this class is limited to 10 singing participants each time. If you drop in without registering, I can't guarantee that you will get to sing if there are more than 10 people. You can still learn a lot from participating in group activities and watching others singing, so come on in and play with us! But if you want to be sure you'll get to work on your song, contact me here to register.

On the Road

Want to bring Performance Techniques to your group, class, rehearsal, or any other occasion? Phoebe is available to take the magic on the road! Schedule and rates on request. 

Here's what some students have to say about the Performance Techniques work:

"The most valuable thing I learned was how to be comfortable and sing with emotion while I’m nervous." 

"It was like I finally understood what drama teachers have been trying to get me to do for years. These techniques made it real and accessible to me."

Phoebe's training in Performance Techniques includes two levels of Teacher Certification from the nationally renowned training program OperaWorks.

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