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Success Stories

Unleashing Creative Powers, Growing Confidence, and Making Magic


"We cannot say enough good things about Phoebe and her voice lessons.  My daughter loves her voice lessons with Phoebe.  She is almost always tired and low energy when she goes into her lessons (as they’re after a long day and week at school), and invariably she comes out recharged, energized, big smile on her face, and happy about life. Phoebe has helped my daughter liberate, develop, and strengthen her voice.  And she has given her an expansive array of techniques for dealing with performance anxiety and stage fright. Phoebe gives her confidence, courage, and really helpful tools for being an empowered young woman in today’s challenging times."

- Rebecca, parent

"You have been an amazing teacher and taught me so much about my voice. More than that you’ve been a friend and you’ve helped me feel confident and brave.”

- Graduating senior after several years of voice lessons

“I have been taking voice lessons from Phoebe for almost two years. Going into lessons I was initially really scared and had terrible stage fright. I can’t tell you that after a week I was singing on broadway, but I definitely got far more than I expected. Phoebe is warm and welcoming; even in the first weeks I felt totally comfortable singing my heart out. She uses a collection of tricks, tips, and weird poses (including squats, wavy air motions, and much more) to help you engage all the right parts of your body. Despite the sometimes ridiculous themes in broadway songs, she has never let me sing, “He doesn’t act as tho he cares, but deep inside I know he cares, ” without telling me that I should demand more than that. Furthermore, her witty humor and playful personality means I am laughing all the way through class. Phoebe has been helping me overcome my stage fright. Even when I forget every single word and turn beet red on stage she is in the first row mouthing my next line. Phoebe is not only a great teacher, but also a role model and friend to all of her students.

- Althea, 18


"It’s nice to find a teacher so passionate about teaching teenagers. Phoebe understands not only the unique vocal needs of a teenager's changing instrument but also the social challenges they face daily. My daughter started lessons with Phoebe over a year ago. She’s learning vocal technique, aural training, and sight reading along with coping strategies for nervousness and breathing techniques.  My daughter's skill and confidence get stronger every session. It brings tears to my eyes to hear my daughter sing, she’s learned so much, but most important - she loves to sing and Phoebe has nurtured her love for music."

- Sara, parent

"One aspect of our lessons that I greatly enjoy and appreciate is your knowledge of the science and physicality of using our voices. I like how you point out the very useful and practical details of breathing, posture, and how the vocal folds are working while I’m singing, the way to open the inside back of my mouth to allow the right sound to come out, how my skeleton is functioning (“You have a tailbone!”), and many other physical details that allow me to make the sounds I want to make. It is a real privilege to work with someone who is so aware of (and still curious and learning about) how our bodies do what they do. Thank you for sharing what you know to help make more music in the world!"

- Lisa, adult student

"The most valuable thing I learned was how to be comfortable and sing with emotion while I’m nervous." 

- Stephanie, workshop participant

"Even though it was only two days, everyone managed to improve their singing, make stronger character choices, and in the end put on a great audition."

- Oshen, workshop participant

"This workshop has helped me a lot with my fear of getting up in front of people I don't know and belting a song. I also think that this workshop has helped me feel more prepared for an audition. And at the same time I had a great time and made some new friends that I will hopefully be able to see again."

- Bela, workshop participant

"I had the pleasure of accompanying this workshop and was amazed at the amount of preparation these students had when it was time for their mock audition. They knew exactly what to do and with the confidence in which to do it. If you are looking to be more confident at auditioning I highly encourage you to look into this workshop whenever it is offered. Phoebe knows her stuff."

- Keri Davis, pianist 

Practicing What I Preach: Singing with Abandon

Words from audience members, fellow performers, and local reviews
“Phoebe Gildea's vocal performances are striking, charismatic, and heart-felt. Her voice easily transitions from heart-rending sweetness to effortless high notes to a power so massive it gives me goosebumps. Even listening as a long time audience member, I find her voice always has something new to draw me in.”
“Gildea’s performance as Amalia is very nicely nuanced as well, and perhaps is the most realistic performance of all. In many ways, she seems like a real girl. Instead of possessing one fixed set of qualities, she’s clever, hysterical, idealistic, realistic, loving, hateful, organized, and unkempt at different times. She also brings something surprising to the mix - serious opera chops. That’s right, she sings her songs with an impressive operatic soprano, and her high notes are incredibly high."
“Your performance last night was beautiful and sad and comical and energetic and touching and magical.  I enjoyed it immensely.  I cried three times and laughed twice as much.  I am already looking forward to your next performance.”
"Without a doubt, one of the highlights of She Loves Me is the very funny song 'Vanilla Ice Cream,' sung by Amalia Balash (Phoebe Gildea). You'll never think about vanilla ice cream in quite the same way again..."
“Saw and heard your Betwixt & Between concert tonight and it was such a delight! Thank you for sharing your wonderful sense of storytelling through music, as well as friends who have similar gifts! So much goodness you put out into the world!

"Your voice is so poignant, it just rings throughout the room from floor to ceiling! Beautiful!"

"You are such a beautiful actress. So natural. You really create an entire scene; the audience sees everything around you."

"You are a shining example of what it means to let yourself shine through in a performance. It makes for such a beautiful and honest piece of art. Thank you for your beautiful artistry!"

"You took me on a journey that was raw and vulnerable, and I loved every second."

Phoebe is certified by the OperaWorks teaching artist program (levels 1&2), and is a full member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and a trainee member (working toward licensure) of Andover Educators.

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