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Reach for the Stars is my premium-level, one-on-one coaching program for passionate artists, heart-centered entrepreneurs, and solo professionals who are serious about taking charge of their lives and businesses in new and powerful ways.

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Goal Slaying for the Badass on a Budget is an affordable private coaching option to help you get going in any (and every) area of life. Build systems for joyful productivity, uncover your challenges, and start living your dreams with easy monthly payments.

About Your Coach

Phoebe Gildea is a certified Freedom and Prosperity Coach, a health and fitness coach, and an expert in mindset and brain training. She has training and experience in running an arts-based business, from money management to marketing to creating and following through on plans. She also has experience with productivity and avoidance, facing fears, and more through her stage fright specialty. Phoebe has personally worked through performance anxiety, health challenges, and PTSD to come to this point in her life and career. Always an avid reader, she has extensively researched the science behind all her exercises, and tried them out herself, before offering them to clients.

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