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I believe in empowering individuals to find their authentic voices and to learn how to use those voices in any circumstances. For many, that means literally using the voice to sing or speak, but it can also mean living truthfully in line with the inner voice, or courageously sharing art and business ideas withe the world. Either way, my students and clients are chasing their dreams and defining their own success.


“You have been an amazing teacher and taught me so much about my voice. More than that you’ve been a friend and you’ve helped me feel confident and brave.”

~Graduating senior after several years of voice lessons~


As a music teacher, I believe in multi-faceted training for well-rounded artists. To that end, I offer many different educational opportunities: Private lessons in voice and piano, online courses, workshops for performers, and private life/business coaching. See details below.

As a Licensed Body Mapping Educator, I am also trained to teach the workshop “What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body,” and I incorporate the principles of Body Mapping into all of my teaching.


I work mostly with singers, but these methods are not exclusive to them! Actors as well as singers can benefit from the workshops "Performance Techniques" and  “Auditions Made Easy.” Performers/public speakers of all kinds are welcome in “Say Goodbye to Stage Fright,” both as an online class and an in person workshop. I have made my empowering methods available to people from all walks of life with private coaching.

My Teaching Credentials

Association for Body Mapping Education: Licensed Body Mapping Educator

OperaWorks Teacher Certification: Levels 1 and 2

National Association of Teachers of Singing: Full Member

Certified Freedom and Prosperity Coach (certified by 3Blessings Success Institute)

Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance: Chapman University

Bachelor of Arts in Music (music history focus): Chapman University

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Read about Phoebe's voice and piano studio and how to inquire about lessons


Read about Phoebe's online offerings, where you can learn at your own pace, from anywhere in the world


Personalized one-on-one support and accountability for supercharged growth in every aspect of your life, art, and business


Read about Phoebe's workshops in performance techniques, audition skills, and stage fright


Feel free to ask! Use the one of the contact links below.

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