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Phoebe's workshop

Say Goodbye to Stage Fright

is now available as an online course!

About Say Goodbye to Stage Fright

Have you always wanted to get up on stage, audition for a solo, or make a speech, but were too scared to try?


Has your mind ever gone blank, or your knees started to shake uncontrollably, the moment a spotlight hit you, even when you feel prepared and excited?


You are not alone! Even these celebrities get stage fright.

Come learn about what causes stage fright, what is happening physically and mentally when you get nervous about performing, and how to overcome that fear. Say Goodbye to Stage Fright will give you concrete skills to cope with anxiety, empower your mindset, address physical symptoms, and more. No more hoping for the best or trying to picture the audience in their underwear!


We will start you on the journey to feeling confident and enjoying your time on stage. 

About the Online Course

Lessons will include: Symptoms and causes of performance anxiety, coping strategies for all kinds of different situations, and exercises to apply your learning to real life. Everything is broken down into manageable chunks.

Choose your level at the time of registration: VIP access gets you 1-on-1 meetings and individualized feedback in addition to all lesson materials. The basic package includes the video lessons and worksheets. There are more details on both options below.


Register Here

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Basic Access

*or 3 payments of $99

  • 8 video lessons 

  • Accompanying worksheets to deepen your learning and self-reflection

  • Curated links to further resources for continuing your journey

  • 3 months access to all materials starting when you register

VIP Access

*or 3 payments of $177

  • Everything in Basic Access


  • 2 face-to-face meetings with Phoebe via Zoom - 1 at the beginning of your studying and 1 at the end - to discuss your goals, progress, and next steps

  • Worksheet feedback and support via email

Use the button below to access the "Pricing & Plans" page, where you can register for your plan of choice ("Stage Fright Basic" or "Stage Fright VIP") and set up your account to access all materials.

Once you've paid, you should be prompted to set up your account. If you are not, click here.

About Your Workshop Instructor

Phoebe Gildea is a performance anxiety survivor who went from tearful breakdowns at the thought of singing to headlining concerts and singing lead roles in operas and musicals. Phoebe holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Chapman University, and has further training in performance techniques from OperaWorks, the Astoria Music Festival, and the American Institute of Musical Studies in Austria. She has been successfully teaching performance anxiety skills to private voice students for the past ten years.

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