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Say Goodbye to Stage Fright!

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I'm so happy to have you here! You've taken a HUGE step in dealing with stage fright just by acknowledging that it's there and signing up for the course.

Get ready for a life-changing course!

What to expect

From the moment you create your account, you will have access to pages called "my account" and "my courses," through which you can access other content. You can find those pages through the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of every page once you are logged in.

You can click through the buttons on your "my courses" page to get to the video lessons and worksheets. The VIP area will also be open to members who have paid for that option. (It may take up to 48 hours for you to get access to the content pages. Please be patient and contact me if you have an questions.)

You will receive weekly email reminders with my learning strategies and support.

You will have access to all of the materials for 3 months. There will be no extensions, so stay on top of your coursework. VIP benefits also expire after 3 months, so make sure you book your 2 meetings within that time.

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